Supercritical CO2 Extraction



  • Extraction unit for feasability test or education purpose 
  • Designed for extraction process with CO2, subcritical water and pressurized liquid solvents
  • Demonstration unit for natural product extraction  



General characteristics


Two main Concepts : 


One basic configuration with 

  • Simple design and reliable design
    • One lab  pump
    • One “easy to operate” extraction cell with pressure an temperature control
    • Extract collection in standard vial for easy handling, weighting  and characterisation
  • Compact unit  to be installed on a bench
  • Optional co solvent pump and accessories ( balance, on line sampling, computer data acquisition)  
Lab SFE units - Basic configuration




One Versatile configuration with 

  • Modular and reliable design
    • Different types of pumping modules
    • One-liter evolutive and flexible vessel 
    • Modular extract collection devices and fluid recycling 
  • Compact unit  to be installed on a bench
  • Many tailored options upon request 




Description and Characteristics:





Versatile *

Extractor Volume

100 ml 

Hand tight extraction cell

1 Liter hand tight closure +

Extraction basket

CO2 Flow rate

20 g/ min

 50 g / min

Max Operating Pressure

70 MPa

100 MPa

Max Operating temperature


250 °C

Separators Atmospheric 2 HP separators with recycling

                                                              * indicative values - tailored design possible


SFE : Versatile configuration


Installation requirements


Lab environment on a bench and connection with:

  • CO2 cylinder at ambiant temperature
  • Standard 220 V (or 110 V) 2 phases plug