Our R&D plant Educo2


Versatile Supercritical CO2 extraction R&D Equipment



As research needs to be always at the top of the technology progress, Top Industrie proposes cutting-edge solutions and flexible units, from 25 to 500 mL. We manufacture units for educational purposes (EduCO2) and for R&D laboratories (Greenlab), different standards are available.  Always designed in a modular way we can also adapt our unit to your need and to you process.


Our units are usually composed of:

  • Pumping modules with different kind of pumps, compressors and injection systems
  • Autoclaves and reactors designed specifically for your process and application
  • Product collectors, samplers, separators and purification systems for producing and evaluating your products

To fit budget and operation requirements we will be able to adapt our units with many options:

  • Adapt mixers, nozzles, specific support and contacting devices
  • Adapt vessel shapes to your product
  • Use different type of vessel closure for clean or hazardous environment
  • Add instrumentation and analysis equipment
  • Manual or automated operation
  • Choose specific  components, material of construction, different surface finish and quality requirements  

As we want our clients to be satisfied with our units on the long term, we always propose complete training on maintenance, safety and operation on your product.

Our maintenance plan service and modular designs will allow us to guarantee long term assistance for reliable operation and any improvements and modifications you can imagine in the future. 



Our equipments according to your needs:


R&D unit
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