Our pilot plant in Malaysia



Product Development and Pilot Plants


With unit ranging : 

  • From 1 liter to 50 liters (standard 1, 2 , 5, 10, 25, 50 liters units)
  • Operating pressure from 5 MPa to 100 MPa or more 
  • CO2 pump flow rate between 6 and 100 Kg/h
  • 2 to 6 meters fractionation column
  • Condenser and chiller provided
  • Control from a PC
  • Working at ambient or high temperature 
  • Restrained sizes
  • Manufactured in 316 L stainless steel or special corrosion resistant alloys

With a design :

  • Adapted to your environment to guarantee the safety and the needed quality requirements
  • Bringing the best technical solutions, the most adapted components  and optimized process for each application 
  • Respecting the specified standards


Our pilot plant systems can be design to be very modular and to be adapted to all current supercritical fluid processes like extraction, or liquid fractionation, or both, or even reaction, chromatography, encapsulation and  impregnation. For extraction units, we provide extractor with volume from 1 to 50 liters. For fractionning units, we design columns with different heights according to your needs.


We also propose turn-key units:

  • For extraction : ​
    • SFE1
    • SFE2
    • SFE5
    • SFE20 
  • For fractionning :
    • SFF2

    • SFF4  

  • For extraction and fractioning

  • Others upon request

We manufacture units with differents options to implement different processes and variants of the extraction process. They can be implemented from the conception or after the installation :

  -  supplementary autoclave

  -  fractionning column

  -  front-end adsorption/chromatography process

  -  encapsulation PGSS process 

Top Industrie will provide all the equipments and the necessary formation.



We provide a proactive and efficient support from the specification to the plant qualification, after sales service, and new technological solution development. 

Top Industrie guarantees to be able to replace any defective part for a period of at least 10 years.


Top Industrie will define with you most adapted pilot plant allowing to optimize your process and to develop your product.  





Pilot plant: extraction unit
Pilot plant - Extraction.pdf
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Pilot plant: fractionning unit
Pilot plant - Fractionning.pdf
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Pilot plant: extraction and fractionning unit
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