Supercritical Fluid Processes and Properties


Supercritical Fluids have first been used for extraction process on natural products but are now used for many kinds of processes, such as:

  • countinous fractionation in column or through membranes,
  • reaction,
  • crystalisation,
  • impregnation and absorption,
  • purification with adsorption and chromatography processes,
  • drying,
  • cleaning, sterilization, 
  • foaming, expansion,
  • grafting, coating, etc…


Due to their high diffusivity, leading to high mass transfer rate or easy access to complex structure, SCF can be excellent solvents for reaction, extraction, diffusion processes, and therefore very efficient for treating complex, microscopic or porous structure.  We can  also expect to reduce processing time and decrease equipment size and cost.


Because of their solvent modulation power playing with pressure and temperature, SCF are also unique solvents when fractionation and purification is required. Combining different conditions in the same equipment allows using one solvent for different steps (selective extraction, coupling of reaction and separation, coupling of different extraction, coupling of two separations/purification steps, etc…)


Combining pressure with their unique properties, SCF are also used in spraying processes like for instance polymer or excipient melting and spraying, atomization of mixtures in very fine droplets leading to crystallisation or encapsulation, nanomaterial production, coating processes, etc..



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