TOP INDUSTRIE has been a leader in High Pressure


Engineering Production for more than 30 years.


This site presents our activity in Supercritical Fluid Engineering, a green process technology now applied in many fields of applications form research to industrial scale.  

Initially producing high quality / high pressure components, TOP INDUSTRIE has then designed its own range of high pressure cells, autoclaves and reactors, injection and metering pumps, and innovative accessories for systems working  from 1 MPa   (150 Psi) to 1 000 MPa (150 000 PSI) and from -80°C to 800°C.

With more than 40 employees, with an international presence, a continuous growth of 10-15% per year and relying on our expert and polyvalent engineering teams and workshops, TOP INDUSTRIE design and build a complete range of specialized components and turn-key systems from lab to industrial scale for all supercritical fluid applications.

With our long experience of supercritical CO2 equipment and process, we will be able to design the system adapted to your product, your application and your environment.

Next to the top priorities given to your safety and the quality of our systems, we want to provide the best service in the assistance we can give for the definition of your supercritical fluids equiments, in the information we can supply all along the construction process, and during the installation, the training and the after sales services.

Focussed on our high pressure knowledge expertise, our objective is always to answer to the best to our customer expectations, to better understand high pressure environments, to develop new processes, new products using our technology, and to help producing your product more economically, in complete safety and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Our Supercritical Fluid Technology activity fits perfectly with this objective and we have the ambition to be a first class and worldwide player in the domain. 


Top Industrie is member of IFS (Innovation Fluides Supercritiques) Supercriticalfluids. IFS can also provide you some R&D services.